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Psychological Sciences

~Investigating the human mind and behavioral dynamics from various angles~

This area of research scientifically and quantitatively examines the cognitive functions and personality characteristics of human beings within social and cultural contexts. General and universal laws of human nature and psychology are elucidated through objective data collection from experiments, surveys, and observations. In addition to conducting cutting edge research dealing with learning and problem solving of individuals, motivational processes, and interpersonal relations, our staff is involves in the development of measurement and experimental methods which support such research activities.


The purpose of this area of research is to uncover the potential of education in society, as well as to investigate valid and appropriate methods of conducting research in support of learning activities.

Psychology of Learning

This research area analyzes the development and formation of personality, along with the motivational and emotional mechanisms which drive human learning and behavior, and investigates aspects of human feeling and will.

Personality Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Social Psychology

Social Psychology focuses on human social behavior. This research area deals mainly with interpersonal cognition and behavior, the influence that group dynamics have on the individual, social attitudes and their development and change, social relationships, communication, and the cultural influences on behavior.

Teaching and Learning Psychology

Human Development and Clinical Psychology

~New knowledge and support for the merger of personal growth and lifestyle space~

This is an area that conducts research on ways of providing clinical developmental assistance to people, and includes examining the lifelong developmental process in which development occurs horizontally from birth until old age, and vertically in terms of the lifestyle spaces of family, community, and work. In addition, this area seeks to establish methods related to psychological examination, educational counseling, and psychological research in order to delve deeper into the internal aspects of the human condition.

Life-span Developmental Psychology

This research area focuses on human development from a life-span perspective and forms one of the foundations for the study of developmental clinical sciences.

Clinical Psychology

This is another fundamental area of research and study in Human Development and Clinical Psychology. It aims to develop techniques for investigating a wide variety of mechanisms of human psychology and assists in doing model assessments.

Family Psychology

Mechanisms involving various problems occurring within the family and between family members are examined. Research is conducted on methods of clinical assistance for family-centered issues.

School Psychology

Various psychological problems of children and students at school are handled within school psychology. Some important research areas include educational guidance, school counseling, and consultations for parents and teachers.

Developmental Psychology and Psychiatry

This is a research area which attempts to approach issues related to psychological development from an independent and interdisciplinary mental health perspective, especially in terms of the study and management of mental health care for children. Medical counseling and family consultations are also covered within this area.

Sport Behavioral Science

Sport Psychology

This research area investigates various phenomena related to physical activities and sports from a psychological perspective. Especially, sport motivation and psychological supports for athletes are emphasized.

Human Motor Learning Science

Human motor learning science aims to explain the underlining mechanism and dynamics in motor learning process and to propose the new learning methods to acquire the motor skills from the psychological background both computational and dynamical perspective.


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